Sunday, December 6, 2015

Batch o' Sox from Tim B!

Anyone who says Yankees and Red Sox fans don't get along is just plain wrong.  In fact, one of my favorite trading partners, Tim B from "I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning", just so happens to root for the Bronx Bombers.  I don't hold it against him, just like he doesn't hold the fact that I cheer for the Red Sox against me!

With the amount of cardboard Tim has sent my way, it seems amazing to me that we've been trading for less than a year.  His latest package was full of gems as usual, like the John Burkett bubble-blowing masterpiece you see here.  I can't believe I'd never seen this one before, it's the perfect quirky addition to my ever-growing Red Sox collection.

I feel the way John McNamara looks here with regards to how long it took me to get this post up.  What can I say?  It took me a while to scan and sort my way through the sheer volume of cards that Tim sent.

Every card in this post was brand new for me.  It's going to be a lengthy post, and this isn't even everything from the package.  There were some really cool cards that I already had a copy of (Purple Mookie Betts parallel and a sweet '71 Topps Petrocelli among them), and even an entire set that I'm saving for another post down the line.

Rolando Viera never pitched a game with Boston, but this sure does satisfy my desire for shiny.  That seemed to be a theme with this particular group of cards, refractors and shiny parallels were everywhere.

I can't believe I'm still missing some of these Diamond Anniversary parallels all these years later.  I'm close enough now to where I really should put in a Sportlots or COMC order and just be done with it.

More shiny.  Tim should have included a pair of sunglasses in this delivery as a courtesy!

This is my second Toys 'R Us Purple parallel from the 2015 set.  Though it doesn't come across in the scan, they've got a definite foil/shine to them in person.

This fantastic Tom Gordon Finest card is a refractor.

I was really pleased to find some 2015 Topps Chrome, including a trio of cards I needed from the base set...

...a trio of refractors...

...and even a Prism Refractor!

Rounding out the 2015 Topps Chrome is this Future Stars Matt Barnes insert.

Unbelievably, this is my very first card from the 2001 Topps American Pie set.  I'd imagine there are a ton of gems in this one.

Even some oddballs made their way into this delivery.  The red border on these Wonder cards really works well for the Red Sox.  I've actually got a loaf of Wonder on the kitchen counter now from grilled cheese night last week.

I appreciate the everyday base card just as much as I do the jaw-droppers.  One card closer to a '93 Topps team set.

More Chrome, this time from 2010.

Very nice card here.  I've got just two of these Wal-Mart Black parallels now.  My scanner bed is apparently relatively clean at the moment too, didn't come out half bad!

How about a couple new Pedros?  Check!  This package had that too.

Definitely never seen this one before!  This is a promo card from a company called High 5, issued in 1992.  It's got a similar lenticular feel to the old Kellogg's 3D cards.  Cool stuff.

Prospects, prospects, prospects.

A very unflattering look at Eck to say the least.  I do like the patriotic design of this Donruss set though.


This David Ortiz is actually a short print.  Good look on this one Tim!

There were even some mini cards to be found within this delivery.  This Jim Rice is particularly cool since he's depicted with the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox, who play just up the street from me.

A & G Back.

This Jed Lowrie represents my first mini from 2009 Goudey.  Some of the artwork in the set is questionable, but I really like the wide minis.

Feeding my addiction to shiny, this Allen Webster Blue Refractor RC is numbered to /250.

A nice Black Heritage Ellsbury.  There was a copy of the Blue parallel of this card as well, which I'll be sending off to Mark Hoyle!

The Copper Refractors from 2008 Topps Chrome are just beautiful.  This is the second one that Tim has sent me this year, and I love them both.  I find myself saying this a lot, but I really need to push this particular team set up the priority list.

How can you beat a Pedro Martinez die-cut?

Two Pedro Martinez die-cuts!  These are the Luminous and Luminescent versions according to the card backs.  Very impressive cards, both have gotten the top loader treatment.

Closing out the trade post is a tandem of cards that, as a parallel junkie, really had me smiling.  My first two cards from the 1993 Topps Colorado Rockies Inaugural Season set!  Not just any two cards either, but probably the best two Red Sox in the set in Roger Clemens...

...and Wade Boggs.  These were the cherry on the top of a five scoop trade package for sure.

Thank you so much for the cards Tim.  It's clear that you go out of your way to put together packages with great personal touch, and it's always a pleasure to find something from you in the mailbox.  I seriously owe you after this one, I'll be keeping an eye out for some Yankees to send your way.


Mark Kaz said...

Wow!! Great stuff!! And lots of it!

Jeff Jones said...

Damn, what a package from Tim. Nice stuff too, love those Diamond cards

Nick said...

Now that's a fantastic batch of cardboard. Those Pedro die-cuts rule.

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