Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shoebox Legends Card Draft - Second Bonus Round

Before we get to the second bonus round there are a couple of items of note:

-I just posted rounds 7 & 8 if you want to check it out.  I could use revised lists for jacobmrley, Squires32 and Rayzor, only because you each have around 10 cards or less remaining on your original lists.  Anyone who wants to send me a revised list at this point in the game please get it to me by 5pm EST tomorrow if you want it to count towards the rounds coming up this weekend.  Please note, if you could include the # that I assigned the card on the original draft post on your list it would be extremely helpful and save me some time.

-To that end, Rayzor, I need some clarification on your list.  You have "Prince Fielder" listed, however there are two Fielder cards.  Did you mean #153 (already claimed) or #157?  Please let me know either in the comments here or drop me an email, or just get me a revised list that clarifies.

-Finally, I still need either Rayzor or jacobmrley to select a card from the first bonus round.  Maas and Pettitte are left, if neither of you has a preference I'll just randomly decide.

And now, for the second bonus round...

1.  Carew/Fornieles vintage (Carew is creased with paper loss on back, Fornieles isn't exactly mint either)
2.  Dave Leggett '50s Bowman football card
3.  1986-87 Topps Wendel Clark RC
4.  Johan Franzen Young Guns RC

5.  Derek Jeter Diamond Anniversary Parallel
6.  Neuvirth Young Guns RC
7.  Masterson/Papelbon Diamond Anniversary Parallels

First of all, if you skipped past everything I wrote above in an attempt to be the first to comment here don't bother, please go back and read it!  This round will be selected in an order that I have chosen.  I know how it feels to get burned and miss out on a card you really wanted, so I've calculated the order here based on who made out best and worst on their original lists over the first couple of rounds.  Draft order will be as follows:

-jacobmrley (only guy who did not get one of his top two cards in the first round)
-buckstorecards (only guy besides jacobmrley to have to go outside his top three in the first two rounds)
-The Daily Dimwit
-Dan (sorry buddy, you got the Brooks auto and the #1 and #2 cards on your list!)

Please comment in order and let me know which selection you'd like.  jacobmrley you're up first!


jacobmrley said...

I can't believe I am saying this, but I will take that diamond Jeter. That is a pretty sweet shiny card.

Rayzor said...

Sorry I've jump the gun. I'll wait until my turn is up.

buckstorecards said...

I'll take Kelvington Crusher's 1986 Rookie Card.

Squires32 said...

I'll go with the Dave Leggett '50s Bowman football card

CaptKirk42 said...

I'll go with the 6. Neuvirth Young Guns RC

The Dimwit said...

I will go for the baseball vintage! Carew and the Red Sox guy!!!

Rayzor said...

I'll take 1986-87 Topps Wendel Clark RC...Rayzor

Rayzor said...

Sorry I did c Buckstorecards take Wendel (should have had a coffee 1st) I'll take .............Johan Franzen Young Guns RC

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