Monday, December 19, 2016

A Bevy of Boston from Burbs

Just a couple of weeks left here in 2016, which I know is something a lot of folks are thankful about.  For me, it means I need to get started on trade package posts here if I want to have any hope of being caught up when the calendar turns to 2017.

To that end, today I've got a long overdue post featuring some great cards that were sent to me a while back from Tony Burbs of Wrigley Roster Jenga fame.

Tony really bolstered my 2016 Red Sox collection with this package, starting off with this pair from the flagship Update Series set.  Both of these guys will likely be with the 2017 club.

Here's a Berger's Best insert.  I'm not sure how I feel about Topps re-printing cards that are less than a decade old, but a new Sox card is a new Sox card.

Here's a 2016 Topps insert I actually quite enjoy.  Of course it's one of about a thousand David Ortiz cards that Topps printed up during his final season, but it's a nice candid photograph that sticks out among the hundreds of Ortiz cards I've accumulated over the years.

I really don't buy a lot of modern product, and over the past few years I've done a good job training myself to stay away from the card aisle in Target and instead focus on hand-picking the cards I want.  While this generally results in a better overall collection for myself, I miss out sometimes on the latest fads.

Which explains how I just now acquired my first two Perspectives inserts, which everyone else was blogging about many months ago.  I remember some people complaining about the font that Topps used on these, but I'm a fan.  In fact, these might be some of my favorite inserts that Topps has produced in a decade or more.  The minimal design and focus on the awesome full-bleed photos was a great idea if you ask me.

I picked up just a single hanger pack of 2016 Topps Bunt, but have been receiving the Red Sox cards from this set like crazy in trade packages lately.  I'd missed out on David Price until now, thanks Tony!

Another shining example that I've stayed away from 2016 releases for the most part is the fact that this blue parallel of Jackie Bradley Jr represents my very first 2016 Opening Day card of any kind.  Jackie had a great season, I'm happy to have this parallel.

I found a nice trio from Heritage High Numbers as well, including third baseman Travis Shaw.  Travis was dealt to the Brewers earlier this month in exchange for bullpen arm Tyler Thornburg.  Seems as though they are betting on a slimmed down Pablo Sandoval to hold down third base in 2017.  That should be interesting to watch.

Here's one of the two cards that, if I recall, initiated this trade to begin with when I asked about it in a comment on Tony's blog.  I just thought it would be cool to have cardboard representation of Lincecum's stint with the Angels in my collection.

Matt Barnes will likely be starting 2017 in the Boston bullpen after making 60+ appearances for the team in 2016.

Here's the other card I recall asking about when Tony posted it.  Since I just sent my Topps Now Bartolo Colon HR card off to Canada in a trade package last week, it's nice to be able to supplant it with this one.  Maybe not as rare or valuable as the Topps Now version, but it still reminds me of the same home run which is good enough for me (especially given the awesome buyback I received in exchange for the Topps Now Colon - post coming soon).

Tony included a nice array of older Red Sox cardboard in this package as well, like this '67 Hank Fischer which looks like it has some real stories to tell.  I believe I have a better-condition version of this card sitting in my "scans to be processed" folder, so this one's time in my collection might be short-lived.  If that's true I'll be sure to pass this one along to yet another owner.

Here's another card that's been well-loved to say the least.  The wrinkles on the left side don't detract from those wonderful facsimile signatures at least!

Here's one that took me a few minutes to identify.  It's apparently from the 1991 Panini "Top 15" Album Stickers set.  As a fan of oddballs this is a solid addition to my small subset of Wade Boggs Red Sox cards.

And so is this one!  Sure, it's not officially licensed (hence the blacked out cap), but who doesn't love a new Post card?

There was such a wide variety of stuff in this bubble mailer that I even found a playing card, from the 1992 Bicycle Baseball Rookies deck.  There were a pair of oddballs that dwarfed this trio though...

Sweet!  Tony had a posted a few months ago that he claimed some Sports Illustrated for Kids magazines that his school librarian was clearing out.  I commented on that post that I liked this Sanchez card, and Tony was kind enough to send it my way.  Alexis' 12 goals are good for second in the Premier League so far this season; this will make a very solid addition to my small but growing soccer binder.

Tony also included Big Papi's SI for Kids card in the package.  Keep your 2016 Topps Ortiz cards and give me a nice oddball like this any day!

How about a couple more new-to-me 2016 Red Sox?  A nice Bowman Chrome of one of the team's best young talents, outfielder Andrew Benintendi...

...and a Sophomore Standouts insert of Rusney Castillo.  I'm not sure you can call getting demoted after 9 games a "standout" season, but I accept the card regardless.

Back to the '90s here, with a "Bonus Card" insert from 1992 Classic Best.  Same photograph as the base card from the set, but the borders are gone save for the grey strip along the bottom there.

This one made me smile as I always enjoy obtaining a new Canseco Red Sox card.  I have a ton of Finest hockey cards from 1996, but not the baseball variety.  A pretty sharp-looking card by '90s standards if you ask me.

I really love this Gold parallel of future HOFer Adrian Beltre.  He's one of those short term stop players that I wish had stuck around longer with Boston.  In the 6 years since he left in free agency, Adrian has batted .308 with 167 home runs, 563 RBI and an OPS of .873 for the Rangers.  He may be in his late 30s now but I'd much rather have Beltre patrolling third in 2017 than Pablo Sandoval.  Oh well...

Finally we have what might be my favorite card of the entire package, a 1993 Denny's Grand Slam hologram of John Valentin.  These cards are bright and vibrant, and there's also nothing more '90s than the hologram.

There were a few other cards included that I already had copies of, most of which have already been passed on to other collectors in the weeks that I've been sitting on this.  Tony, I'm sorry it took me so long to get these properly posted.  I really appreciate your generosity in sending them to me!


Tony Burbs said...

All I care about is the fact that you enjoyed the cards! It doesn't matter how long it took to post (or even at all).

I think my favorite of that bunch was that Valentin, as well. Clearly, you have good taste in cardboard.

Nick said...

Great package all around! Love that Ortiz ASG insert, haven't heard much buzz about them (probably because they're retail-only inserts) but there's some nice photos in that set.

Anonymous said...

What a nice batch of cards!

It's funny how my fondness for 1974 (my first set) shows when I smile at the mere sight of a checklist.

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