Monday, December 5, 2016

Buyback Franken-set: Snowy Monday Edition

Time to review another ten buybacks on this snowy Monday morning, the first snow of the winter here in my little home state of Rhode Island...

1976 Topps #85 - Mickey Rivers

Look out for that crease, Mickey!  This type of pose was used time and time again throughout the '60s and '70s, but I still think it's more interesting than your average portrait shot.  Despite being creased and generally beat to hell Rivers is in as the only #85 buyback I've gotten my hands on.  Mickey was selected as an All-Star for the lone time in his career in 1976, so this card has that going for it too I guess...

1973 Topps #487 - Bruce Dal Canton

Next up, a relatively high-numbered card in #487 from the 1973 Topps release.  You have to love the powder blue uniform, inexplicably tilted photo, and backdrop that looks like a field where I could have played Little League ball.  Bruce has some competition though...

I'm not too familiar with Miguel Dilone.  He had one outstanding season in 1980, but seemed to enjoy a largely mediocre career aside from that statistical anomaly.

I'm going with the '73 release over this '79.

1969 Topps #333 - Ivan Murrell

A hat-less Ivan Murrell comes next.  Murrell was born in Panama, so that's something.  He played a steady number of games at each of the three outfield positions for San Diego in 1969, and even got in at first base once or twice.

If he wants to be included in the franken-set though he'll have to get past Dick Drago and his '75 Topps release...

With nothing particularly interesting to me about the Murrell card, it just can't overcome the Red Sox/'75 Topps combo.

1978 Topps #349 - Rick Camp

Joining the franken-set uncontested at #349 is Rick Camp, showing off his Braves warm-up jacket on his '78 Topps release.  Rick got into some legal trouble after his baseball career wound down, and passed away a few years ago now.

1962 Topps #273 - Gary Bell

I like this card quite a bit because the photograph just seems so vibrant, and also because 1962 Topps is one of the least represented sets in the franken-set to date.  To me it's an interesting card as well given that Bell was traded to the Red Sox during the "Impossible Dream" 1967 season, and even made a start for the team in that infamous World Series.

Joe Niekro's '76 Topps card is already in slot 273...

...but it doesn't hold a candle to that '62 Bell.

1979 Topps #496 - Barry Bonnell

While maybe not the most talented guy on the field, Barry Bonnell was nonetheless known as a clutch hitter during his MLB career.  He was apparently also a devout Mormon.  So there's that.

Facing off against Barry in slot 496 is Juan Beniquez from 1976 Topps.

Two of the more boring cards I've evaluated to date to be quite honest, but I'm going with the '76 card (and all the airbrushing that comes with it).

1973 Topps #16 - Steve Braun

Here's the first of two Steve Braun cards that will be featured in today's post.  I'm well on my way to becoming a Braun buyback super-collector!  The tilted dugout in the background here is almost dizzying, but as it stands right now I don't have another #16 buyback so this one makes the cut by default.

1978 Topps #118 - Terry Harmon

118 is a popular number I guess, as this is the second straight post with a #118 hopeful.  Terry Harmon spent his entire MLB career with the Phillies, who were pretty damn good in the late '70s/early '80s.  Here's the card he's competing against:

If I didn't choose the '73 Topps John Mayberry over this card in my last post, I'm certainly not choosing the '78 Harmon.

1980 Topps #9 - Steve Braun

Here's the other promised Steve Braun card.  Until this year, buybacks from 1980 or newer were fairly tough to find for whatever reason.  This card will have to unseat Ron Hansen's '67 Topps release if it hopes to make the franken-set:

Hmm... long Steve!

1971 Topps #99 - Mark Belanger

Final card for today, shortstop Mark Belanger gazing off into the horizon on his '71 Topps release.  Mark had just won a World Series with Baltimore in 1970, and won a Gold Glove (one of eight over the course of his career) in '71.  Mark was a stud in the field, and held many franchise records at shortstop before some guy named Cal Ripken came along the following decade.  I don't own any other #99 buybacks yet, so Mark is in the binder for now.

Less than half the cards in today's post were new numbers for the set, but at least a couple of the conflicts won out.  Pushing towards the 30% mark here, and looking ahead my next buyback post will feature my very first completed page!

Franken-set Progress:  224/792 (28%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  53


Hackenbush said...

Mickey Rivers is doing his best Yaz impression:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider having a frankenset made of buybacks with card #118...

Unknown said...

Love the Rivers card, one of my favs of the decade.

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