Saturday, August 26, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: '87s

Today's round of buybacks all come courtesy of 1987 Topps.  Arguably the most over-produced set of all time, and with a design that's been recycled to death by Topps in recent years.  Will any of these make the binder?  Let's find out...

1987 Topps #2 - Jim DeShaies

An '86 Record Breaker card is in the lead-off spot.  Jim DeShaies certainly earned this card, striking out the first eight batters of the game in his start against the Dodgers on September 23, 1986.  An impressive feat for sure, but...

...can it compete with 5,000 career strikeouts?

Nope!  As someone who heavily collected 1990 Topps as a child, Nolan Ryan rules the first page of my franken-set so far.

1987 Topps #403 - Jerry Royster

Here's a Jerry Royster.  The most notable thing about this one is the RAK patch there, which the team wore on their sleeves from '84 through '86 in honor of owner (and McDonald's mogul) Ray A Krok.

Another tough match-up here.  Typically I despise cap-less ballplayers on my cards, but this out-of-control hairstyle just cracks me up.

Yup, Miller's runaway hair is enough to win out over Royster.

1987 Topps #125 - Bob Brenly

Next up, catcher Bob Brenly.  We're really starting to develop a pattern here three cards in, as Bob has a real uphill battle to make the franken-set as well.  Here's his competition:

Ouch!  Quite a smile from George Scott here on one of my favorite Red Sox buybacks.

Brenly never stood a chance.  In fact, this card has already lost out to Scott once before.  That was the bronze foil version, this one is silver foil.  Different stamps, same result!

1987 Topps #504 - Mickey Hatcher

Mickey Hatcher was actually no longer a Twin in 1987.  The team released him just days before the season began, and he signed on with the Dodgers.  He lasted four years with LA as sort of a utility infielder, which concluded his MLB career.  I did not have a #504 buyback previously, so Mickey makes the binder!

1987 Topps #643 - Ron Shepherd

Ron Shepherd looks awfully suspicious here.  I guess he should be, as he never played an inning in 1987, or ever again.  I'm fairly certain this is the lone Topps card of the man who played with the Jays for parts of three seasons.  As unlikely as it is, Ron here makes the binder as well in the absence of another #643 buyback.

1987 Topps #109 - R.J. Reynolds

What a great card.  The crazy Pirates hat, the smile, the green-painted concrete dugout.  This one certainly makes a strong case for franken-set selection.

Unfortunately it's matched up against one of my absolute favorites with this '69 Jim Lonborg.  I'm not sure there's a #109 out there that can oust this card from the binder.

Certainly not R.J. Reynolds, anyway.

1987 Topps #556 - Angels Leaders

I always thought the team leader cards looked a bit awkward in 1987 Topps.  In this case, the background makes it look like these guys are chatting in front of a circus tent.

Dave Campbell's '74 Topps issue was already in the binder in slot 556.

And so it will remain.  For now.

1987 Topps #69 - Lonnie Smith

You wouldn't know it based on the smile here, but Lonnie Smith was going through a pretty rough stretch in his life when this photo was taken.

This '73 Phil Gagliano is blocking Lonnie's entrance to the binder.  I wouldn't say either card is particularly noteworthy to me personally.

The photograph on the Gagliano is infinitely more interesting though.

1987 Topps #250 - Teddy Higuera

Coming off of a 20-win season in 1986, Teddy Higuera couldn't quite replicate that in '87.  He still had a solid year, going 18-10 for the Brewers, but his ERA increased by over a run.

As we've seen only recently, #250 is a tough number to try to crack the franken-set at, as Fergie Jenkins' '76 release has a solid foothold.

Once again, Fergie crushes his competition and remains in the binder.

1987 Topps #33 - Andy Van Slyke

Last card for today.  Van Slyke was on the cusp of greatness in 1987, turning in a solid .293 / 21 / 82 stat line with an OPS of .866.  Beginning in 1988, he'd earn some combination of Gold Glove/Silver Slugger awards or an All-Star selection for six consecutive seasons.

A Heritage Rookie Stars buyback featuring fan favorite Sal Bando stands between Van Slyke and the binder, however.

Tough loss for Andy.

Well, I got two new numbers for the project out of this anyway.  Hope you've had your fill of wood-grain for the weekend now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Franken-set Progress:  464/792 (58%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  302
Total Buybacks in Collection: 766


Kin said...

As stated before, I scroll slowly through these posts.

My two thoughts scrolling through today:

1) Those low numbers have to be pretty tough. You have the 90 Ryans, the 86 Rose cards, Record Breakers cards...there have to be some solid cards getting the "rejected" stamp.

2) I was excited to see the Van Slyke and thought he's make it...and then I saw a Sal Bando rookie. THE FRANKENSET JUST ISN'T FAIR!!!

Billy Kingsley said...

I think you need to build a Brenly Buyback Rainbow. You can abbreviate it 'Bow. BBB. I'm weird, I know.

Hackenbush said...

Funny coincidence regarding two of your rejects. Bob Brenly was the Cubs color commentator for 8 years. His replacement Jim Deshaies is currently in his fifth year. Personally I prefer JD.

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