Friday, August 11, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: Angus Goes Shopping - Part I

Angus, who blogs over at Dawg Day Cards, has got to be one of the most generous folks in our online community.  Recently he did a little shopping on my behalf when he was traveling the Southwest United States.  Out of the blue I got an awesome bubbler stuffed full of cards, including plenty of buybacks.  Sweet!

Today I've got the first ten to evaluate for my ongoing franken-set project...

1968 Topps #268 - Bob Humphreys

A box-topper buyback from this year's Heritage set was on top of the stack, nice!  Bob Humphreys spent nine years as a relief pitcher in MLB, with his last appearance coming in 1970.  A solid buyback for sure, and he's wearing a cap as he should be.

Rough match-up as far as the franken-set goes though, as I really enjoy this candid dugout shot on Gil Flores' '78 card.

Flores stays in the binder for now.

1988 Topps #714 - Jim Fregosi

Next we've got a nice high number of White Sox skipper Jim Fregosi courtesy of 1988 Topps.  Unfortunately for Jim, his Sox finished a full 32.5 games behind the powerhouse Oakland A's in 1988.  In the absence of any competing #714 buyback though he's in!

1997 Topps #93 - Derek Bell

This is an interesting one in that I haven't seen very many 1997 buybacks at all.  Derek Bell was part of an impressive Astros lineup in the mid to late '90s, and enjoyed the finest seasons of his career during that stretch.

Had this Heritage Tony Cloninger buyback in spot #93.  I like this card...

...but I'm going with the Bell.

This one falls on one of only two completed pages as well.  Here's the before shot with the Cloninger at upper right...

...and here's the after, with Bell inserted.

1987 Topps #487 - Dave Gumpert

Here's a bland '87 Topps Dave Gumpert.  Dave was actually with the Royals for the 1987 season, but never saw action after May.  Those would be his final innings in Major League Baseball, as he was granted free agency at season's end but never signed on with another club.

Already had this 1973 Bruce Dal Canton in slot 487...

...and there it will remain.

1988 Topps #135 - Dennis Rasmussen

The Yankees dealt pitcher Dennis Rasmussen to the Reds in August of 1987, and as a result Topps treated us to some solid airbrushing on his 1988 card.  The jacket is particularly noticeable.

Is Dennis any match for this 1969 Tommy Davis Pilots buyback though?

No way!

1988 Topps #412 - Randy Myers

Here's another '88, hurler Randy Myers of the Mets.  Randy really hit his peak after being traded to the Reds, with whom he was named NLCS MVP in 1990.  He wound up with four All-Star appearances over the course of his career as well.  As my first #412 buyback Randy is now resident in the binder.

1988 Topps #723 - Bob Kipper

Next on the '88 Topps train, Bob Kipper, who is currently serving as the pitching coach for the Red Sox AAA Affiliate, the Pawtucket Red Sox, who play their home games only 15 minutes up the road from me.  Another nice high number, this one is in by default!

1986 Topps #767 - Jody Davis

From there we proceed to Jody Davis, donning the tools of ignorance on his '86 Topps release.  Jody was a rock at backstop for the Cubs in the '80s, appearing in 125 games or more every season from 1982 to 1987.  In 1986 he was named an All-Star for the second time and won the lone Gold Glove of his career as well.  Some good creds for a #767 for this project, but Davis is an automatic in regardless as my first #767.

1989 Topps #417 - Mike LaCoss

Mike LaCoss made 18 starts, and appeared in 45 games in total, for the Giants in 1989.  He went 10-10 and finished with a very respectable 3.17 ERA, the second best mark of his Major League career.  Based on this photograph it looks like Mike probably threw a mean splitter.

Mike Garman has been resident in the binder in slot 417.

This was basically a case of going with the '78 over the '89.  The more I look at that photograph on the LaCoss card though, the more I think I could have gone the other way with it.

1967 Topps #317 - Cesar Tovar

Last card today, a beautiful 1967 Topps Heritage buyback of second baseman Cesar Tovar.  Cesar is best known for once playing all nine defensive positions in a single game.  Pretty much your standard '60s posed player-with-bat shot here.  Does Cesar make the binder?

Not a chance.  Slot 317 is held down by about as close to a lock as you're gonna find at this stage of the project, my Pumpsie Green RC buyback.  I shipped the infamous Bartolo Colon Topps NOW card from last year to Douglas from Sports Cards from the Dollar Store to acquire this beauty, and I still love it every bit as much as the day it arrived in the mailbox.

A great lot here, with four new numbers and another contender that bumped its way onto a completed page.  This is just a preview, there are more great buybacks from Angus coming soon!

Franken-set Progress:  457/792 (57%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  282
Total Buybacks in Collection: 739


Brett Alan said...

Sweet to see three numbers in the 700s get filled. Too bad about the Tovar having the same number as Green; I think the Tovar is a great looking card, and it would take something special to beat it, but a Pumpsie Green rookie all-star is pretty special!

Kin said...

My two thoughts:

Randy Myers had one of the most spectacular curveballs I remember seeing.

I was shocked that you didn't pick LaCoss. I scroll through these posts slowly so I don't see ahead and I did NOT see that coming.


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