Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fivers - Throwback Nolan Ryan

Fivers is an aptly named series of ongoing posts, each of which will feature a single card that cost me $5 (give or take).  Leading off the series is the great Nolan Ryan!

I stay away from nearly all of Topps' online exclusive card offerings nowadays, but a couple of years back when they released this take on a Nolan Ryan 2007 Topps card that never was I was helpless.

Ryan was one of my absolute favorite players growing up, and on top of that 2007 Topps was the first flagship set that I collected when I returned to the hobby.  Throw in a fantastic image of an aged Nolan Ryan acknowledging the fans, and I was sold.

I do wish Topps would do a little something more with the backs for these releases, but oh well.

This card cost me exactly $5, and while it may not be one of my more valuable cards of The Texas Express, it's certainly one of the more visually appealing.  I'd grade Topps a 'B' for this effort, while a more interesting back would have bumped this to at least an 'A-'.

Have you purchased any of the Throwback Thursday or other online exclusive sets in 2019?  If so, did you buy direct from Topps or try to save some coin on the secondary market?

Thanks as always for stopping by!

1 comment:

Fuji said...

Haven't bought a Topps online exclusive set since 2015... but I've been sent a few singles over the years.

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