Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Another Birthday Helmar Pack

Time to rip open the second of four packs of 2005 Helmar Brewing Baseball that I received as a birthday gift from my parents at the beginning of the month!

As we've seen before, each pack contains three cards, featuring original artwork.  Many of the subjects are forgotten or lesser-known players from long ago, so these are right up my alley.  Let's tear in...

This is my first card of James Robert McAleer, who managed the St. Louis Browns from 1902 to 1909, also appearing as a player in the 1902 and 1907 campaigns.  I've seen him referred to as "Jimmy", and by the nickname "Loafer", but can't find a reference to the name Hugh anywhere.

Either way, I love that every pack of this introduces not just new cards to my collection, but new subjects entirely.  The artwork on this one is beautiful, I love the old-school ball cap in particular.  My favorite card in today's pack.

Next up we have Negro League player James Cobbin, who spent time with both the New York Black Yankees and Indianapolis Clowns (as seen on this card) franchises.  My first card of his as well.  Helmar actually did a full Negro League set a while back, which looks awesome but isn't cheap.

Closing out the pack is Ross Youngs.  Ross was a career New York Giant, and was a key member of the team that won four consecutive NL pennants, and two World Series as well.  He's enshrined in Cooperstown, and deservedly so.

I love the pastel background colors on this card, including the beautiful orange sunset.  Those striped stirrups might be even better than that, though.  A really nice looking card all around, I'm sure you'll agree.

Three new cards for my collection, three new subjects for my collection.  Another successful pack of Helmar here, with two more still to come from my birthday present.  Thanks for stopping by!


Bulldog said...

Cool cards. Nice having obscure players get their time on cardboard.

Fuji said...

Love this product so much. My favorite card from this pack is the Ross Youngs with that gorgeous orange sunset.

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