Friday, September 13, 2019

Beautiful Bowman

No time to write, but want to get something up on the blog after a couple of days here.  So, here are three beautiful 1952 Bowman cards, part of that small 14-cards-for-$31.50 with free shipping birthday haul I put together for myself.

First up, from the Phillies, hurler Emory "Bubba" Church.

The back mentions a "line drive injury"...

Next, a card that kills two birds with one stone as a nice addition to my Red Sox collection as well, Ray Scarborough!  This is just about a perfect vintage baseball card, no?

Last but not least, third baseman Hank Majeski of the Athletics.

Yep, three beauties indeed!  I'm up over 20 cards from this iconic set now, and I'm sure these won't be the last to be shown on the blog either.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Friday night!


Fuji said...

Truly beautiful! With each passing year, I seem to grow more and more appreciative of 1950, 1951, and 1952 Bowman baseball cards.

Kin said...

Whether football or baseball, Bowman made some of the most beautiful cards in that 1948-1952 time frame. I want to some day complete the 1950 Bowman football set. That is maybe my favorite set ever. I can't even put into words why.


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