Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mid-week Baseball Randoms

Not a lot of time today, so let's just look at a random smattering of baseball cards I rounded up off my card desk, scanned in, and added to my collection proper over the last few days.

I'm continuing to work my way through a cello box of 1993 Topps Series 2 that I picked up a while back for a trip down memory lane.  Most of the cards I pull I just put right into a priority box to ship off to Billy at Cardboard History, but I keep a couple of cards from each pack that interest me for my own collection, like HOFer Jim Thome here.

This is one I may get rid of in a purge someday, but I hung onto it for now just because Cliff Floyd was kind of a big deal when I was pulling these cards from packs for the first time as a kid.

Another classic shot of a man enshrined in Cooperstown here.

Each cello pack comes with two Topps Gold parallels, and I was pleased to land one from the Red Sox portion of the set this time around.

Pulled Scott Cooper's standard card from the very same pack, as fate had it.

It should be painfully obvious why I chose to hang onto this Jeff Conine.  That is one of the strangest backgrounds I have ever seen on a baseball card right there.

Not as nice as his '94 sunset release maybe, but I love this George Brett.  For some reason the photo looks to me like one from much earlier in his career, and wouldn't even feel out of place in an early '80s set.

Always nice to land a new card of one of my personal heroes, Jim Abbott!

We'll close out the '93 Topps portion of today's post with a Crime Dog/Big Hurt combo!

One day I aspire to have the entire subset of manager cards from 1960 Topps, and today I get three cards closer.

I'm going to show the backs of all three, as they are every bit as enjoyable as the fronts, perhaps more so even.


A great trio right there, and in fine shape too!

Here's a significant card in my quest to complete the 100-card 2014 Finest set in X-Fractor form.  Or at least it used to be.  I paid more than I'd like to admit for this card (around $14 I believe) a year or so ago because Ramirez cards weren't getting any cheaper.  He was one of the bigger rookies in the set and copies were becoming scarce.  I have a feeling I could have reeled this one in for less coin had I been more patient, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say...

We'll close it out with the only two cards I purchased from the Topps Living Set promotion.  As someone who adores 1953 Topps you'd think I'd be all over these, but honestly I just prefer to spend my hard-earned money on actual cards from the '50s, including the '53s themselves.  I did pick up a JBJ...

...and my only Shohei Ohtani RC of any sort back towards the set's debut just to see what they were like in person.  I'll certainly hold onto these two, but don't plan on chasing any more other than maybe picking up a Xander Bogaerts for that player collection.

That's a wrap for this Wednesday, thanks as always for stopping by!


Matt said...

Two-time All-Star Scott Cooper - the man who made us forget about Wade Boggs! ;)

Fuji said...

I think my favorite manager cards are the 60T ones. Great looking subset.

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