Monday, September 2, 2019

Buyback Franken-set: Birthday Buyback

There are few Major Leaguers who share my birthday, but one of those few...

1960 Topps #436 - Marv Throneberry

...was marvelous Marv Throneberry!  For this reason (and also because he was the spokesperson for Miller Lite Beer in the 1970s!), I snagged this 1960 Topps buyback when the opportunity presented itself a while back. 

Marv may not have had a HOF caliber career, or even be considered a minor star, but I think the personal connection of being born on the same day that I was is kind of cool.  Cool enough to make the franken-set binder?

Well, I've been anxious to replace this "homely" 1979 Hector Cruz buyback, currently in slot 436, for some time now.

Throneberry represents the perfect chance to do so!

Cheers to you, Marv Throneberry!

Franken-set Progress: 652/792 (82%)
1990 Topps Buyback Set: 119/792 (15%)
"Rejected" Buybacks: 617
Total Buybacks in Collection: 1,388


buckstorecards said...

You do realize how dangerous it is for your mail carrier's back to reveal your birthday to me, right?

The Shlabotnik Report said...

Marv's been gone for a number of years, but I hope you, Franchy Cordero, Rommie Lewis and Yamid Haad had a good birthday!

Nick said...

Belated happy birthday to Marvelous Marv! (And you, of course!)

Fuji said...

Happy belated birthday!

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