Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: '59s!

Since I crossed the 500-card threshold in the franken-set binder during my last buyback post, I decided to do something a little different with the next one.  So, tonight I dove into my buyback "hoard" and have a ten-card post composed entirely of 1959 Topps buybacks for your enjoyment.

The '59 Topps set is one of my favorites of the 1950s.  I've been slowly chipping away at it for some time, and am just about halfway to a completed set now.  When I found a seller on Sportlots a while ago that had a bunch of 1959 buybacks for sale for a dollar each, I grabbed just about all of them for my buyback project.  Tonight's post will cover around half of that little lot.

Let's see how these ten players fared in 1959, and more importantly whether they make the buyback franken-set binder!

1959 Topps #7 - Al Pilarcik

Al Pilarcik had a very solid season in 1959 for Baltimore.  He appeared in well over 100 games as an outfielder, the majority of those spent patrolling right field.  Al hit a career-high .282, and thanks to a decent batter's eye (30 walks) he logged a very respectable .355 on-base percentage.

As far as the franken-set goes though, slot #7 on the first page is just about as close to on lock-down as you're going to find at this stage of the project.  A 1/1 Mark Fidrych?

Pilarcik goes down.

1959 Topps #26 - Chuck Stobbs

Chuck Stobbs actually signed on to pitch with the Washington Senators in 1959 after the Cardinals released him in January of that year.  Odd given that St. Louis had just claimed Chuck off of waivers from Washington only the year prior.

Stobbs went just 1-8 in 41 appearances (7 starts) with the Sens in 1959.  That record is deceiving though, as he pitched very well for a truly bad (63-91) Washington team.  In fact, his 2.98 ERA was a career best.

This is my first #26 buyback, Chuck makes the binder.

1959 Topps #192 - Charley Beamon

Charlie (or Charley, in this case) Beamon's brief MLB career actually ended in 1958.  Is that a security guard standing behind him in the background there?

Ouch, a guy who played in parts of three seasons vs. three premier sluggers of their era.

Another tough loss for '59 Topps.

1959 Topps #197 - Ray Semproch

Ray Semproch served just about split time between the bullpen and a starting role for the Phillies in 1959.  The result was a 3-10 record and an ERA on the wrong side of 5.00, and Philadelphia dealt him to Detroit in the off-season.

Had this Ron Perranoski in slot 197 already.  Don't have too much of an attachment to either card...

..but at the moment the Perranoski speaks to me more I guess.

1959 Topps #239 - Bob Trowbridge

Bob Trowbridge pitched in 16 games out of the bullpen for the Braves in 1959, and didn't experience much success.  It would turn out to be his penultimate season at the MLB level.  Love the classic pitching pose on this one.  Didn't have a #239 buyback either, into the binder Bob goes.

1959 Topps #246 - J.W. Porter

J.W. (also known as just "Jay") began the 1959 season with the Senators, but the Cardinals claimed him off of waivers in July (those two teams certainly seemed to get involved with each other a lot, huh?).  He'd finish out the season with St. Louis, and that was the end of his Major League career.

It's one hat-less player pitted against another here, as this Bob Davis is already in spot 246 of the franken-set.

Honestly, this one was a coin flip.

1959 Topps #249 - Bobby Adams

Bobby Adams appeared in just 3 games for the Cubs in '59, putting a bow on a 14-year MLB career.  My favorite thing about this one is the backdrop, which I believe to be Seals Stadium if I'm not mistaken.

I had this wrinkled, cap-less Ed Keegan in slot 249...

...but out of the franken-set it goes.  That one feels like a nice upgrade for sure.

1959 Topps #263 - Buddy Daley

Buddy Daley went 16-13 for the KC Athletics in 1959, the first of consecutive 16-win seasons for the lefty.  He was named an All-Star for the first time in his career, and even received some MVP votes!

Daley's competition for franken-set glory is another southpaw, and another Athletic, Vince Horsman.

Easy choice there.

1959 Topps #279 - Ernie Johnson

1959 was Ernie Johnson's lone season in Baltimore, and in what seems to be a common theme for this post his final as a Major League player.  A lot of guys who were at the end of the line featured here tonight.

Oh man, my Bill Lee RC buyback!

Ernie Johnson had no chance.

1959 Topps #272 - Jerry Lumpe

Jerry Lumpe began the 1959 season at the hot corner for New York, but was dealt to Kansas City in May.  Still just 26 years old in '59, Jerry's best seasons were ahead of him at the time this set was released, though he already had a World Series championship on his resume from 1958.

One more bout for franken-set glory tonight, as this '71 Tommy Helms is blocking Lumpe's path to the binder.

I'd say this one was about 60/40 in favor of Lumpe if I had to put a number on it.

Well, tonight's action brought me from 500 buybacks in the binder to...502.  What can I say, it's getting harder and harder to acquire new numbers here.  At least a number of those that faced pre-existing competition managed to battle their way in.  Nice to spruce up the binder with a serious injection of vintage.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Franken-set Progress:  502/792 (63%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  360
Total Buybacks in Collection: 862


Hackenbush said...

Seems like your choices used to be more controversial. So the buybacks are part of your '59 set?

shoeboxlegends said...

Nah I just have a regular old 59 Set that I’m about halfway done with, not Buybacks just the real deal. I thought I was maybe sounding confusing as I wrote that, whoops!

Fuji said...

Neither card is from the '59 set... but damn the Bill Lee rookie card and Fidrych 1 of 1 are sweet cards! You should do a Top 10 post of your favorite buybacks. I'd love to see if either of these cards would make your list.

Unknown said...

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