Sunday, October 29, 2017

Signature Sundays Returns - Kids Kevin Mitchell

As the seasons change here in New England, I'm going to make an effort to revive my "Signature Sundays" posts here on the blog.  For a good long while I was in the habit of posting an autographed card from my collection each Sunday, but I seemed to kind of fall out of it over the past year in order to focus on other parts of my collection.

Let's get back to it this week with an autograph from one of my all-time favorite baseball card sets, 1992 Topps Kids!

I've talked a few times about my love for this set, most recently when I picked up an unopened wax box with some birthday funds just last month.  Since I'll easily complete the base set from that box, and since there aren't any inserts or parallels to speak of, these autographs from Topps Archives Signature Series represent pretty much the only other Topps Kids cards out there for me to chase.

Kevin Mitchell might not exactly be a household name for the younger generation of baseball fans.  He's most remembered for two stellar seasons in 1989 and 1990.  1989 was clearly the best season of his career, as he put up monster offensive numbers while patrolling the outfield for the Giants.  Mitchell led the league that year in home runs (47), RBI (125), slugging percentage (.635), OPS (1.023), intentional walks (32) and total bases (345)!  Easy to see why he earned the NL MVP award that year.

As I've stated before, the backs on these cards are as interesting (if not more so!) than the fronts.  I'm hard pressed to think of many releases that devote as much real estate on the reverse to a cartoon as these do.  Maybe the 1960 Topps manager cards?

This is the third certified Topps Kids autograph that I've been fortunate enough to land to date, joining Marquis Grissom and Tony Fernandez.  I doubt if I'll end up with many more given that these seem to have somewhat limited print runs as Archives Signature Series cards go, but I'm pleased to have the trio that I do at least.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you like autographed cards I hope to see you again on some future Sundays over the winter months!


defgav said...

Love it! Congrats on the pickup.

Billy Kingsley said...

Total non-sequitor, but I got the package from you yesterday...thank you!! I will include some of the cards in a post soon, but probably not for a couple of weeks.

Fuji said...

Great card. Loved watching Mitchell during his time in SF. It'd be interesting to see how many guys signed their Topps Kids cards for Archives. It'd be a shame if they only had those three players sign them.

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