Monday, October 30, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: 1990 Topps

Today's buyback post consists of ten that I hand-picked off of COMC, and all ten of them just happen to be 1990 Topps buybacks.  Will they make my franken-set, or perhaps be relegated to my secondary 1990 Topps buyback set project?  Let's take a look!

1990 Topps #663 - Fred Lynn Turn Back the Clock

A pretty cool one to start off today's post for a Red Sox fan like myself.  Lynn was included on a four-player rookie card in the '75 Topps set, so the card shown here is a "card that never was".  I was happy to find that I was lacking a #663 buyback, as this is certainly a solid addition to the franken-set binder.

1990 Topps #586 - Ed Nunez

Ed Nunez had what was probably the best year in his MLB career in 1990, making 42 appearances out of the bullpen and finishing with a minuscule 2.24 ERA in over 80 innings pitched.  A nice look at the old Tiger Stadium in the background here too.

Nunez bumps up against this extremely odd Ben Oglivie card when it comes to the franken-set though.  This one is just so bizarre, easily one of the strangest faces I've seen a subject make on a baseball card.

For now Oglivie retains his spot, and Ed Nunez is relegated to the 1990 Topps buyback franken-set.

1990 Topps #347 - Junior Felix

This Junior Felix is a rarer "blue foil" buyback, which I guess is appropriate for a very blue Blue Jays card.  Junior hit a career-high 15 home runs in 1990, which I guess is something.  He was shipped out of town before the franchise got really good a couple of years later though.

A tough draw for Felix here, as I have some unexplained love for this '73 KC Royals team card.  It's already ousted quite a few competitors...

...and does so again today.

1990 Topps #188 - Mike Smithson

Alright, a new '90 Topps buyback and a new Red Sox card in one fell swoop.  No complaints here.  This is actually a sunset cart too, as Smithson called it a career after a 7-14 year in 1989.

In what's going to become a recurring theme for this post, I already had a nice 1967 buyback in slot 188 of the binder.  I love this photograph of Ken Harrelson, and I'm also partial to extinct teams, so this one scores some big points with me.

Enough to best Smithson for sure, so Mike moves to the '90 buyback binder.

1990 Topps #595 - Greg Swindell

Greg Swindell was actually very solid in 28 starts for the Tribe in 1989, going 13-6 with a respectable 3.37 ERA in what would be his lone All-Star campaign.  His ERA would balloon by more than a full run in 1990, but he'd still win more games than he'd lose for a mediocre Indians team that year.  As far as the franken-set goes, Greg's in by default!

1990 Topps #740 - Jesse Barfield

Here's Yankees outfielder Jesse Barfield on a nice high number buyback.  Jesse was a few years removed here from his 1986 All-Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger season, but he still managed to crack 25 round-trippers for New York in 1990.  Hard to believe he'd be out of baseball just two short years later.  Barfield makes the franken-set as well.

1990 Topps #206 - Nick Esasky

Another Red Sox buyback, seems like I'm well on my way to a team set here with this being the third one in just this post.  Nick's time with Boston was over by the time this card hit shelves, as he signed with the Braves in the 1989 off-season.  He'd play just 9 games with Atlanta before eventually being released, ending his professional baseball career.

Another '67 buyback stands in the way here.  Though Dennis Bennett was traded to the Mets before the post-season run, he did contribute four wins to the 1967 "Impossible Dream" Red Sox team before being dealt away.

Easy choice there.

1990 Topps #717 - Ron Karkovice

Ron Karkovice played in 939 Major League Baseball games in a 12-season career, and wore a White Sox jersey for every one of them.  I don't remember much about the guy to be perfectly honest, but it seems like he was a serviceable hitter with some decent pop.  In any event, this is the first buyback I've acquired with #717 on the back, so into the franken-set Ron goes...

1990 Topps #334 - Johnny Ray

Johnny Ray got into 100 games at second base for the Angels in 1990, and they'd turn out to be the final 100 of his MLB career.  The best thing I can say about this buyback I guess is that it's a new number for the franken-set.  Johnny makes the cut.

1990 Topps #393 - Bret Saberhagen All-Star

Last card for today, pitcher Bret Saberhagen from the All-Star subset.  Saberhagen was a world beater in '89, leading the league in a good deal of categories including wins, ERA, complete games, innings pitched, WHIP, etc.  He won a well-deserved Cy Young, the second of his career.  Bret dealt with some injuries and fell off quite a bit though in 1990, and besides he's got a rough match-up here:

Yet another '67 buyback, and one of the most famous authors in baseball history to boot!  I know just how to settle this one...

Bouton stays in the franken-set, and Saberhagen becomes a valued addition to the 1990 project.

That was a perfect mix, half the cards joined the buyback franken-set as new numbers, and the other half gave some weight to my up-and-coming 1990 buyback set.  All in all, a nice round!

Franken-set Progress:  510/792 (63%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  367
Total Buybacks in Collection: 877


Rob said...

Mike Smithson...he gone.

shoeboxlegends said...

Hahaha! Perfect.

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