Saturday, January 17, 2015

One Card Post - Little Lidstrom

What:  2011-12 Upper Deck #C37 - Nick Lidstrom Canvas Insert
Where:  Part of lot won on eBay
How Much?:  Worked out to about $.25 per card

:  Something fun, and a little different, that you don't see on a card every day.  A perfect example of why I love the Canvas inserts.  If cards like this started cropping up in every set I'd get sick of them fast, but a one-off is kind of unique.  Like the Patrick Marleau I showed a few weeks back, which was from the same lot, I nearly pulled the trigger on this one many times on COMC over the past year.  Glad I waited it out.

:  This is serving as a filler post while I get around to scanning in all of the awesome cards I've received recently from Mark Hoyle, reader Jason, and Dave H of Wax Stain Rookie.  I'm buried in new cardboard that was generously sent to me, not a bad problem to have.


Pro Set Cards said...

Those moments are priceless as a Dad and I love stepping onto the ice with my little guy each and every time. What a fantastic photo and card.

Brad said...

Great card - I've been taking a bigger liking to the Canvas sets. I have a lot ordered myself.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks guys! Brad, I don't blame you for picking up a lot. If they weren't so tough to come by and somewhat expensive I'd think about trying to complete a set of these from one year. For now I'm just accumulating as many as I can...

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