Monday, October 15, 2018

One Card Post - 1st Day Bagwell

What:  1994 Topps Stadium Club - Jeff Bagwell (1st Day Issue Parallel)
Where: COMC
How Much?:  $3.05

Why?:  In my opinion 1994 Stadium Club is one of the more interesting sets of its decade.  I loved, loved, loved these cards as an 11-year-old back in the summer of '94, and in my opinion they still look great almost 25 years later. The 1st Day Issue parallels in particular were highly coveted among my group of collecting friends back in the day. After a very entertaining first two games of the 2018 ALCS between my Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros, I figured it was a perfect time to feature this Jeff Bagwell that I picked up back in the spring.


Baltmoss68 said...

I always loved them FDP’s! Nice card!

Fuji said...

First Day Issues were quite the pull back in the day. You know they're hot when people would beg to trade for even common players. I imagine this card commanded big $$$ back in the day.

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