Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bucs for Sox

Recently I exchanged cards with a brand new trading partner, Mark of Battlin' Bucs.  I've been enjoying his blog for a while now, so when I realized I had quite a few Pirates cards occupying space in my trade box I looked him up.  I'm way behind on posting trade packages, but since Mark has already shown me up by posting the goods I sent him the day they arrived, I decided to move him up the priority list!

I would say I needed 90% or more of the cards Mark sent along, which is fantastic.  The Clemens above, from 2007 Moments and Milestones, was atop the stuffed team set bag.  A sleek looking card #'d /29.

I like the concept of this insert set, and as a Red Sox fan man am I glad those stripes changed!

This becomes one of the nicer Curt Schilling cards in my Red Sox collection.  It's a parallel, #'d /45 on the back.

Every card in this post was new to me.

1999 Bowman might have the most-difficult-to-read player names of any design I've ever seen.

See what I mean?  I'm sure you knew the last card was Pedro, but any idea who we've got here?

I got my first look at 2013 Pinnacle thanks to this package.  I'm not typically big on unlicensed sets, but with a few of them in hand I actually like them.  They do a great job of capturing that '90s Pinnacle feel in my opinion.

I'll be on the lookout for the rest of the Red Sox from this set for sure.

Another first for my collection, 2013 Triple Play.  I definitely dig the comic book feel of these.


This Eric Hinske from '07 Updates & Highlights is the red back variation.

A nice Hanley Ramirez from his first go-round with Boston.

This card would be unremarkable were it not for the fact that it's got perhaps the greatest card number of all-time.  From the 2004 Topps Traded set, Jerome Gamble received slot #T206 on the checklist!

Look at those specs!

This Donruss Originals card featuring Garciaparra on the '86 Donruss design was my single favorite card in the entire lot.  Great stuff!

Will forever be remembered for having his potential no-hitter (through five innings) rained out against the Orioles.

Mark, thanks for a great trade.  Glad I could give those Bucs cards a new home, and the Sox you sent are greatly appreciated.  With these in hand I'm on the verge of crossing the 3,700 unique Red Sox cards mark!


Mark Hoyle said...

Great bunch of Sox cards

Mark said...

I'm glad that many were new for you. I really like that Schilling Studio Portraits. The set is a pain with a bunch of nearly identical low numbered cards, but I was a little disappointed no Pirates were in the set when it came out.

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