Sunday, March 29, 2015

Signature Sundays - New York, New York!

This past week I had to travel to New York City for a couple of days to complete a project for work.  It was hectic, and stressful, but all went well.  To pat myself on the back for a job well done, I even managed to find 10 minutes of free time on my way to Penn Station for my return trip to stop by a card shop I know of near our office.  I've stopped here and made a purchase once before.  This time, in a quick scan through the two display cases there were a pair of cards that stood out to me as potential pick-ups.  They were priced fairly to begin with, but the owner agreed to knock even a few bucks more off if I purchased both.

From the streets of lower Manhattan to my quiet card room/office in Rhode Island, here are the two new additions to my autograph collection:

I've talked about these 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes autographs before.  In fact, this is the 7th one I've been fortunate enough to pick up and show off from this set.  This is also my second certified Wade Boggs autograph.  My first is a Red Sox card, whereas this one pays homage to his 1996 World Series Championship with the Yankees.

Sort of a nice side-note to be able to buy this card in New York City, only miles from the Stadium where Wade took his at-bats in pinstripes.

The other card that came home with me is from the same set, my very first autograph of first ballot HOFer Robin Yount!

Really love this one!  It's a nice feeling adding a new HOFer to my autograph collection, and Yount's auto is big and bold.  For the most part the players who signed for this set really took advantage of all the space offered by on-card autographs.  Out of the two cards I purchased this one was the biggest surprise, only because they've typically sold for much more than I'd be willing to pay on eBay in the past.

With just 99 of each of these in existence, I was beyond surprised to find two of them within the very small selection of display case cards in this tiny shop.  Even more surprising was the reasonable price tag, and the willingness of the owner to negotiate below that.

A successful project for work and two solid autographs for my collection, I'd call that a solid trip to the city that never sleeps!


Tim B. said...

That's a great Boggs!

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks Tim!

Pro Set Cards said...

Boggs in stripes always seemed strange to me. Love the pair and I always respected Yount more than most :)

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