Sunday, March 8, 2015

Signature Sundays - Koji Uehara!

Happy early Sunday morning to those who set their clocks ahead by an hour last night. For this week's edition of Signature Sundays, I've actually got the final card to wrap up the awesome trade package that I recently received from David in the North. This is actually the card that got the swap started, and one I was very happy to add to my Red Sox collection:

I've wanted a Koji Uehara autograph for years now, but was never fortunate enough to land one until David reached out about trading this beauty.  This is a Supreme Styling autograph from 2014 Topps Supreme.  I'm not positive about this, but I think this is one of those products where you get literally just a couple of cards per "box", and they're all serial-numbered and signed.

The design is a little busy, but I do love a good die-cut (not to mention there are only 50 copies of this floating around out there).  Aside from that, I'm just ecstatic to finally land an auto of the guy who was on the mound for the final out of the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship.  An awesome addition to my ever-growing Sox collection indeed.

I'll say it one more time, thank you for an amazing trade package David!  If the bubble mailer I sent brings you half the joy that yours brought me then I'll be satisfied.

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Metallattorney said...

That is an awesome card.

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