Friday, July 31, 2020

One Card Post - Gettin' Miggy With It

What:  2013 Topps Archives #GH-MC - Miguel Cabrera Gallery of Heroes
Where:  eBay
How Much?:  $3.99 (plus shipping)

Why?:  I'm a full half dozen cards in now as far as this 2013 Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes insert set goes.  Couldn't pass up this gem featuring the last triple crown winner on the offensive side of the ball, for less than $4 before shipping.  I'm not much of a Tigers or Cabrera collector, so this instantly becomes probably my best overall card of the man.

Because these stained glass beauties are best viewed with some back-lighting, here's a picture featuring Cabrera in his new OneTouch home, in front of the window in my hobby room...

Absolutely awesome.  Six down, nine more to go including the tough Mike Trout.  I will get there though!

I managed to post here on the blog 30 days out of the 31 calendar days in July, falling just short of my post-a-day goal.  I can't promise that I'll maintain that ferocious pace through the upcoming dog days of August, but I will be back with more content later this weekend for sure.  Until then, thanks as always for stopping by!


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Another one bites the dust. This little project is coming along nicely.

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