Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Itch to Rip - More 2018 Stadium Club

Sometimes you just get the itch to rip.  So, let's tear into the next two packs of the 2018 Stadium Club blaster that I picked up on eBay to tide me over in terms of pack ripping during the pandemic.  The first two packs were a bit underwhelming, though I'll gladly hang onto any base card I don't already have from this release.

Five cards per pack, let's tear into pack number three...
Jose Ramirez of the Indians starts us off.  This guy really struggled last year, particularly at the beginning of the season.  Pretty "meh" card, but needed it for my set anyway.  Moving on...

A nice enough shot here of Twins slugger Miguel Sano.  Love the shades.

Eric Thames showing us his best smile.  This guy was an absolute beast for a while when it came to mashing home runs.  I'm too lazy to look it up and verify right now, but I believe that power surge occurred after a return from a season spent overseas in Japan.

Shortstop Brandon Crawford is next.  These are all nice enough cards, but none really display the over-the-top photographic quality that this brand is known for.

That's a little better at least.  The jubilant fans in the background really make this one.  Not the most exciting pack you could rip as far as Stadium Club goes, however I am pleased that all five cards were plain ol' base cards.

Have yet to pull even one retired legend, pretty surprising to me after three packs ripped.  Let's check out pack number four...

Longtime KC Royal Eric Hosmer leads off the pack, now with the Padres.

I couldn't tell you a single thing about Troy Scribner.  His MLB career consists of 11 total games between 2017 and 2018.  Appears to now be a free agent.  I assume Topps' rookie card fervor is the only reason he made the checklist for this release.

Alright, finally a nice retired star, and a HOFer no less!  Great shot of Raines in the bleu, blanc et rouge!  Definitely my favorite card in today's post.

Pack four yielded an insert, this Justin Verlander Special Forces.  Not a big fan of most modern Topps inserts, and this one is no different.  Like the Bellinger insert from the first couple packs, I'll throw this one on the pile for an upcoming card giveaway.

I am a Justin Verlander fan for sure.  He's pretty much a lock for Cooperstown, especially after his incredible late-career revival in Houston.  I picked up a nice rookie card or two of his during the beginning of COVID sheltering, before I curbed back my hobby budget.  If you're a rookie collector I highly recommend grabbing Verlander now because he's still surprisingly affordable for a multiple Cy Young winner, MVP, Rookie of the Year and World Series Champ*.

The final card for today is also the final card on the checklist, #300, Hideki Matsui.  This guy was a Red Sox killer back in the day.  In fact, I think that might be Boston backstop Jason Varitek all fuzzed out in the background there?

Not a bad couple packs all in all, nine new cards for my set and my first couple retired stars of the blaster.  Halfway through the blaster now, with four packs still to go.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


Elliptical Man said...

They should put Verlander's wife on the front of his cards.

Troublewiththecurve.net said...

I've been meaning to pick up a box of something...ANYTHING...just to give me something to do. I already have completed this set so it won't be the 2018 version. I think I have some dupes around - shoot me a list of what you need and I'd be happy to send them your way.

Nice Verlander too - there is an SP version of his base card that is spectacular. The only thing that would make it better is if Stadium Club took Elliptical Man's advice and put his wife on the card! Lol.

Nick said...

It's so weird to me that Hideki Matsui is a "retired guy" in Topps checklists now. Makes me feel old. Seeing these packs has me even more excited for 2020 Stadium Club (whenever that may happen!).

Chris said...

These blasters are a great go-to when you need to rip some affordable packs. I stocked up at Blowout and ended up a few cards short of the set. Now I'm down to just the Giancarlo Stanton, so I'll be very interested to see if you pull that one! :)

Fuji said...

I wish I had a box of 2018 Stadium Club laying around. Very solid rookie class. I really like the Happ... but would like it even more had they not cropped off part of his right hand.

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